Bert Boksen

In the bustling environment of New York City, born on March 27, 1948, Bert Boksen's life story epitomizes a blend of unwavering dedication, financial prowess, and impactful leadership. His transition from the dynamic pulse of New York to the serene atmosphere of Florida encapsulates a journey filled with professional achievements and personal evolution. Now in the comforting phase of retirement, he is surrounded by the affection of his family, including three children and four grandchildren, celebrating a legacy of notable successes and profound integrity.

His career trajectory began in the financial heartland of New York City, laying a foundation for a path marked by distinction and respect. The move to Florida in 1979 marked a geographical shift and a significant milestone in his professional journey. Over his 44-year tenure at Raymond James, his expertise in small-cap stocks led to numerous successful investment endeavors, securing his reputation as a critical figure in the financial industry.

His educational journey was critical to his career. He developed his foundational skills at the City College of New York, an institution celebrated for its rigorous academic standards and history of producing industry leaders. He further honed his expertise at St. John's University, gaining a comprehensive grasp of the financial services sector, which was pivotal for his subsequent professional achievements.

Beyond his corporate accomplishments, he has been deeply committed to philanthropy and societal improvement. His involvement with the Mayo Clinic and the United Way Tocqueville Club, alongside his support for educational and historical preservation efforts, underscore his dedication to healthcare, education, and historical awareness.

In his personal life, resilience and unwavering family support have been constants. His interests in tennis and chess are not mere pastimes but reflections of his dynamic and strategic mindset, integral to his professional life.

In retirement, he inspires, embodying hard work, dedication, and philanthropy. His narrative, from the vibrant streets of New York City to the tranquil shores of Florida, tells a life marked by professional distinction, personal strength, and a deep commitment to enriching the financial sector and the broader community.